The Gift

img_3266-1I have a gift. I received it 20 years ago.

With this gift, I am able to do good things. Things I cannot do on my own.

This gift helps me to choose right from wrong, to help people, to love people even when they’re difficult.

This gift gives me sight. I see the good in people. I see the paths that I should take.

This gift is limitless.

When I received this gift I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I set out to to prove that I deserved it.

Unfortunately, I left it on the counter, in the back seat of my car, in my backpack, and elsewhere.

Eventually, somehow, I forgot about it. Placed it in a box on moving day and forgot it was there.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I didn’t deserve it.

Years later, when fear, doubt, and sadness were overtaking me, I remembered where it was. I pulled it out, held it close, and cherished it again.

I realized, when I truly cherished it this time, that I didn’t deserve it, and that is exactly why it was given to me.

Life without this gift is unbearable. A mess.

I’m going to do my very best never to forget…

The Gift

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