Dynamics of the perfect family

Our laughter feels like home. Completed pieces of an ever-changing puzzle.  We’ve conquered the trials that attempted to steal our song. We are not perfect, however, we are perfect for each other.  Our dance has been pre-choreographed. Sharpened.

Home is not a place.  It is where our hearts collide.  We twist and turn, creating the strongest cord.  It is frayed, from wear, but continues to grow from its center. Fed by love.

Apologies, tears. Encouragement, cherished.

Set out to make an impact.  Positive, life-changing.

Reliable, dependable, trustworthy, indestructible.

Free to be our true selves. Silly. Accepted. United. Powerful. Us.

No matter where we are, we know where we belong. We’ve been intricately chosen for each other.

Our puzzle pieces bend, break, regenerate, and then correspond to become whole again.

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