Top floor of the skyscraper.  Laughing, engaged in conversation.  The rain softly tapping on the windows that lined the building.

Quiet drops, unnoticed.

Music grew louder.

The rain competed.

Sheets of ice began circling the building.

The one with the face sliced through the window.

As he was zooming past, our eyes met.  His face was silver, defined, and angry.

He took my hand and flew. Fast.

Breaking through the glass, he waited until the world stood still.

Our eyes met again.

He looked down, and then back up at my face.  Laughing.  Shrieking with laughter.

He released my hand.

I closed my eyes as I fell toward the earth.

I woke up, panicked.  Out of breath.

Looking around the room, surprised that it wasn’t real.  Shocked that I was still alive.

A still, small voice whispered to my soul… “Stop.”

I knew.  I knew what needed to stop. I knew why.  I welcomed the urgency.

I bolted out of bed.  Showered. Dressed. Ready.

To stop.

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