There is a path that is littered with traps. They are craftily and deviously placed on that path daily.

Imagine yourself waking up everyday with the ability to see that path, and all of its traps, clearly.

It would be so easy to choose the alternative path that is offered to you, the one that is paved with protection, refuge, and safety.

Now, imagine yourself as a young child holding hands with someone you trust. This person is looking out for you, making sure you don’t hurt yourself. As you walk along your protected path together, you jump in puddles, dance in the rain, stop to admire beautiful flowers, trees, and wildlife that trusts you enough to slow down to share the moment together.

As you get older, you decide to let go of the hand of the trusted person who is looking out for you, and you venture off of that protected path. You think that you can handle life on your own. You think that your way will be better.

You find yourself on a dark path that is unshielded and littered with traps.

You make so many bad choices because you can’t see the protected path anymore. You have lost sight of your trusted person. You think you have to continue on this path since that is the one that you chose.

Your breathing is heavy. You’re tired and hungry. The traps that you have fallen into have scarred your frail body. You want to give up.

Defeated, you sit in the dark between the trap you just barely freed yourself from, and the trap that is just inches away. You close your eyes and hope for your trusted person to return. You dream about jumping in puddles, dancing in the rain, and sharing moments with wildlife. As you drift off to sleep you feel a glimmer of peace.

As you sleep, you feel like you are being held by a pair of giant hands. Protecting, loving, gentle, peaceful hands that offer refuge.

You never want to wake up.

As you slowly open your eyes you see a light that is illuminating another path.

You have a renewed strength that allows you to gather up your frail, scarred body and move toward the new path.

You feel a hand slip into yours but you can’t see who it belongs to.

You start to run, hand in hand, toward the light, feeling alive again. Feeling strong. Feeling a renewed sense of peace.

You look over to your right and you see the path you were on before, littered with traps. You run faster toward the light.

As you move closer to the light, you hear the sound of waves rushing toward you. The waves reach you and wash over you. They heal all of the scars, giving you more strength to move forward.

You never let go of that loving hand.

You never stray from that shielded path.

Your renewed peace never leaves you.